White Widow


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White Widow This particular hybrid marijuana strain gets its name from the thick coat of cool, jewel-white trichomes.A deeply resinous sativa hybrid, it’s been a pot legend since the 1990s. Buy weed in London

Replicated and manufactured by Dutch breeder Green House Seeds by crossing Brazilian and South Indian landraces. Since its inception, it has garnered serious support for a long time and remains a top position for pot lovers around the world.


White Widow Effects
A sativa blend, she is uplifting, bright and provides consumers with a cerebral spiritual high. Large amounts can be overwhelming, but in general, it’s somewhat best for use during the day by allowing for improved focus, a feeling of euphoria, and increased energy.
Crafters and creators may be inspired by this tension as it induces extended judgment and meditative ideas. Regular mental relief is recommended.
Tension helps reduce pressure, heartache, discomfort, PTSD, bipolar disorder, weakness, and the side effects of ADD/ADHD. It also provides a mellow yet very relaxing body elevation that is useful for brain pain, headaches, and milder aches and pains.

Customers also tell us that it increases chatty and friendliness, so it’s an incredible burden to tell your friends and party get-togethers!

THC Content
Sativa predominant half and half with a proportion of 60/100 sativa to 40/100 indica. Its THC content has been tried to average between 18/100 to 25/100 intensity, and furthermore presents around 1/100 CBD and 1/100 CBN.

Aroma & Appearance
The buds are woolly and thick in appearance, more common in Sativa strains, and have a slightly conical shape with a pointed tip. It is basically mid-spring green with small orange pistils. Her gem’s trichomes are abundant, and the cold, ice-white coating finish has established her name. Buy weed in London

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1 Ounce (28g), 2 Ounce (56g), 4 Ounce/QP (112g), Half Pound, 1 Pound


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