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Tuna Kush Weed Strain –  Black Tuna

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 Tuna Kush weed strain, also known as Black Tuna, is notorious across Canada for its opiate strength. was given. Great for beginners as she is normal and she has her Thc level medium of 15/100.

Sustained, strong and soothing stiff heel tension for clinical clients as well as challenging and brave clients.

Effects of Tuna Kush Weed Strains
Black Tuna Kush can attack the user within minutes of ingestion and provide a long lasting sensation of exciting euphoria and inspirational euphoria. It is frequently alluded to or depicted as an opiate. Highly recommended for clients seeking relief from ailments, whether persistent or mild, and relief from exacerbations, cramps, migraines, sleep deprivation. , if you use this tension to rock around town in the evening or at the end of last week, you are in an ideal situation. This may be short as it can overwhelm you sooner than you know. Some even say it puts you in a wacky state! It can be difficult to keep your eyes open. Feels very relaxing and for this strong narcotic.

Black Tuna Kush THC Levels
 Dark Tuna Kush is a half to half sativa/indica mix. Offspring of Lambsbread and Herofana, which typically have THC levels of 15/100, can vary between 14/100 and 20/100. An almost pure sativa with 100 Indica, 1/100 CBD plus THC levels from 16/100 to 21/100. Her other parent, Herofana, is also a reasonable Sativa/Indica hybrid of hers, but from 12/100 she’s 16/100 THC and her 1/100 CBN, so she’s It is considered to be leaning toward Indica.

look and smell
  Black Tuna Her kush buds have distinctive shades of white and forest green, ranging from dull to bright, with bright red orange pistils. There are also dull purple hues, with certain clusters of speckles so faint that they actually appear darker. The buds are thick and elongated and covered with a sticky layer of trichomes. This strain has serious strengths and flavors that are not only very potent and skunky, but also natural and hearty with a pinch of spice. increase. This is a silly touch to its name. Perhaps an imaginative approach to anchoring an evocative scent. request on the web

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