Purple Kush


Purple Kush Marijuana Strain is a genuine thoroughbred 100 percent indica strain 0f 16/100 – 22/100 THC level.

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Purple Kush Weed Strain A classic marijuana strain with powerful, relaxing euphoria. Bright purple color and earthy scent. Purple Kush, also known as Purple Hindu Kush, is a potent potency pure Indica strain brought to the world by crossing Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains and is known for its height. , differs from her people and other Indica strains with her gorgeous looks, sweet flavor potency, and potency. Featured in High Times Magazine’s Top 10 Strong Strains. Although normal among clinical patients, it is one of the interesting indica strains that takes special care of its athlete clients and allows them to relax for a while after smoking with a euphoric head high.

Purple Kush Effect

Purple Kush hits the user immediately after smoking, leaving them feeling a sense of complete real relaxation and calm, euphoria and a slightly hallucinogenic head-high. Narcotic, this strain is ideal as a remedy for injuries and long-term pain, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, headaches. Due to its desensitizing and euphoric effects, it can be used to treat PTSD, stress, misery, or discomfort. Her physical and mental energizing qualities also make it an ideal strain for those who suffer from insomnia.Purple Kush has a gentle, pain-free nod. Because it achieves a state of calmness and calmness that is possible!

Purple Kush is a true purebred 100% Indica strain with THC levels ranging from 16/100 to 22/100.
Look and Smell
Its buds can be a mixture of green and beautiful purple hues, though some are expected to be more purple than green. This indicates a cold development environment.In addition to the natural grape aroma, the different aromas of the varietal have a hearty warmth, a typical combination inherited from her parents’ heritage. Already beautiful in a stunning combination, the visual appeal of this bud is further enhanced by orange pistil dots and shimmering, dew-like trichomes. The taste of this strain is equally impressive. Like its people, it conveys sweet grape and berry fruity notes that can be savored on exhale. Why don’t you feel the flavor of wine here and there! Request on the web.


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