Platinum Girl Scout Cookies


Hybrid50/100 Indica and  50/100 Sativa

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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, This is easily recognised as perhaps the most famous and potent strain, with direct inheritance including the group’s other top picks OG Kush and Durban Poison, which reach THC levels of up to 28/100. There is a possibility. Aggregate has produced strains like Thin Mint (named after a treat for young Girl Scouts!).An indica that is 50/50 and known for its serious strength from her and cerebral traits Get ready for some serious couch rock, lots of laughs, and fill your Girl Scout cookies with some munchies! Some CBD and CBN content included. Weed for sale London

GSC is the perfect strain for sports and clinical clients as it uplifts the mood, has powerful health benefits and provides total body relaxation. If you want to treat yourself to a pastry, Girl Her Scout Cookies are the way to go.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Effects


Medical virtues

Lack of Appetite

Side effects Weed for sale London

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

What are Platinum Girl Scout Cookies?
A uniformly adapted half-and-half strain created by crossing Durban Poison and OG Kush strains. The result is the sweet taste and aroma of kush. Our nuggets consist of dark olive green buds that are packed deep with sweet trichomes. The high begins with a euphoric lift that brings the client into a state of bliss, followed by a creeping body high that washes away any physical or mental stressors. who should get it? Weed for sale London
Individuals suffering from severe side effects of long-term pain, stress, and loss of desire can greatly benefit from this strain.

Do you smoke during the day or at night?
We recommend this strain late at night or at night as the sedative effect may be too weak for some people.

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1 Ounce (28g), 2 Ounce (56g), 4 Ounce/QP (112g), Half Pound, 1 Pound


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