Master Kush Weed Strain


Grade: AAA+
Type: Indica
Flavour: Peppery, Citrus, Herbal, Earthy
Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Sleepy, Uplifted
Helps With: Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression

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  Master kush weed strain Or simply MK is a quintessential Indica strain that started in Amsterdam and has grown to become a considered global force today. A well-known and highly-regarded strain all over the world, it has become one of the most trusted pharmacy staples, especially on the West Coast of North America.

MK is not known exactly, but it is widely believed that the White Label Seed Company crossed two exceptional and powerful landraces from the Hindu Kush region of Central South Asia to form this towering beast. Agreed. Subsequent matings yielded another strain with immeasurably remarkable and wise regenerative purposes, such as being very relaxed and body stabilizing. Apparently, this strain contains genetic Kush traits due to its particular odor and taste. The natural base notes of Master Kush mix well with basically the same tart citrus substance as OG Kush. What sets the MK strain apart is the undeniable hint of incense, very reminiscent of the Hash Plant strain or Charas Hash. It is a deeply decorated strain that has won numerous awards including winning 1st place twice in a row. weed dispensary near me

Mastering the Effects of the Kush Weed Strain
Known for its relaxing properties, Ace Kush is perfect for unwinding after his long and hard day at work or indeed exhaustion. THC levels in this heavyweight indica range from 19 to 22/100. With such a high cannabinoid modification, there should be nothing unexpected about how effective and empowering MK actually is.The effects and emotions associated with Master Kush are typical of indica aggregates.

Like most Indica aggregates, this is a great strain to set aside for nights or holidays when relaxation and a little relaxation is needed. you will see This is ideal for relieving the pressure after a lot of temporary work. Hai’s Subliminal After her blast, the high energetically transforms into a calm and relaxing body her stone, strapped to the couch for a long time. will remain.

Exceptional enough to stand out from other Indica strains and strains from the ‘Kush’ lineage of Indica strains. Master Kush’s signature high is presented as more full-bodied and actually relaxing. look and smell.

Master Kush is a high THC indica strain that produces strong mature amounts of dendrite stems and heads. MK brings many attributes to the OG Kush lineage, including savoury base notes and unpretentious citrus tones. What makes Master Kush most special and interesting is the wonderful notes of sweet incense. Many experts believe that this quality is a typical strain and an “unusual taste” indicative of the incredible Indian cara hash.

Ace Kush is one of the most distinctive figures in the “Kush” family who has built his own reputation not only for his impeccable physical attributes but also for his extraordinary heights. This indica typically produces pleasant, uniform buds ranging in size from small to medium. Round buds are characterized by fluorescent lime green and deep purple hues. weed dispensary near me

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