Grand Daddy Purple


Indica Dominant Hybrid 70/100 Indica / 30/100 Sativa – THC: 17/100 – 27{/100, CBD: 1/100

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  Grand Daddy Purple with its 1/100 CBD and 17/100 THC content, the cannabis strain known as Grand Daddy Purple is excellent for overcoming nausea, poor appetite, and genuine inconvenience. GDP has a milder body high than more potent modern indica strains, one that fights depression and dulls pain while still giving you enough oomph to resist love seat lock and be useful. Buy Kush Online

THC 21 /100
CBD 0.1 /100
CBG 0.8 /100
CBC 0.3 /100
Indica 50 /100
Sativa 50 /100

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70/100 Indica / 30/100 Sativa – THC: 17/100 – 27{/100, CBD: 1/100

Effects: Appetite, Euphoria, Spacy/Cerebral
Helps With: Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Stress
Indoor Yield: 14 to 17 ounces per square meter
Outdoor Yield: 17 ounces per plant outdoors
Flowering Time: 8-11 weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time: Mid-October
THC Content: 17/100
CBD Content: 15/100
Indoor Plant Height: 3ft
Outdoor Plant Height: 8ft
Grow Difficulty: Easy
Genetics: Purple Urkle X Big Bud
Flavours: Candy, Grape, Strawberry

Effects of Grand Daddy Purple


Medical virtues

Lack of Appetite

Side effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

The strain has a strong kick, and both the body and the brain can clearly feel its psychoactive effects. It manages to convey a breathtaking sense of genuine relaxation and mental elation. Your position will become fixed, and your viewpoints will float in a wonderful buzz for the duration of Grand Daddy Purple’s possessions. This strain, which was bred from Ken Estes’ own GDP, had a base THC content of 23/100. I have no idea what the main points of strength are for how is. It always hits hard regardless of resistance; don’t prescribe unless you are required to work in at all. I genuinely believe that we succeeded with this one. Buy Kush Online

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1 Ounce (28g), 2 Ounce (56g), 4 Ounce/QP (112g), Half Pound, 1 Pound


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