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Durban Poison

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¬†Durban Poison, a great sativa strain known for her wonderful fragrance and frenetic, euphoric highs. Durban Poison is highly cerebral and produces a hallucinogenic high. This is great if you’re looking for some brainstorming or just a hearty laugh. This is the ideal strain as the high is very effective and hits heavy. Durban Poison’s exemplary aroma and style is characterised by liquorice sweetness and pungent earthy tones.

A unique variety of Durban Poison originates from the city of Durban in South Africa. It is known as a pure sativa strain. The strain was first brought to California and Amsterdam before becoming a hit.


The main Durban Poison Effects

Durban Poison strains do not cause drowsiness or drowsiness in their clients. It has a revitalizing effect on the human body. Clears mental haze, enhances mental and energetic state, enhances fixation and focus. Many customers also report improved kindness and imagination. This strain is famous among customers who exercise outdoors or who need a boost of energy for a long day. This strain is also ideal for group environments as it doesn’t provide two-seater rock results and promotes friendliness. THC levels can reach 25/100, but usually average around 18/100. Another exceptional element of this strain is that many consumers experience little or no burnout.

It is mostly used by many people to treat various conditions such as:

Tension and sadness due to its inspirational effect
relieve constant pain
Some side effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and a slight chance of discomfort due to her brain height.


How it Looks, Smell and Taste

It has long dull green leaves and orange pistils. The buds of this strain are usually medium to giant in size and very frozen with trichomes. It also has a reduced thick structure.

Durban Poison scents are best known for their unique blend of scents. Clients experience a fragrant, pine-like scent with pleasant undertones. The smoke from is said to have a tart flavor along with some savory notes and flavors.

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