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Green Crack – THC: 19-20{682a41b23cb6ce4b9e043d288141da9ab7460e232ee7b5af941b11851dd2c03f}

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  The Green Crack strain induces an exhilarating mental uplift to propel you through the day as opposed to Green Crack’s stimulating energy and focus. With a sour, fruity flavour that smells like mango, Green Crack is an ideal daily medicine for patients treating fatigue, stress, and depression. buy 420 online

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 65/100  Sativa  —–  35/100 Indica

Initially reared in Athens, GA during the 1970s, it is slid from the always well known Skunk #1, yet it might likewise have a few Afghani landrace indica in its experience.

THC 15 /100
CBG 0.9 /100
Indica 35 /100
Sativa 65 /100

This weed is good for making you feel happy and relaxed, without making you feel too stressed. It is great for mixing with other activities and completing your responsibilities. buy 420 online

Effects of Green Crack Strain


Medical virtues

Lack of Appetite

Side effects buy 420 online

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Green Crack is a strain that is made up of two different parts: a sativa-dominant part and an indica-weighty part. Both parts are important, and together they make up the whole Green Crack.

Green Crack got its name from rapper Snoop Dogg, but it’s also known as Green Cush or “Cush” among smokers. This type of marijuana has high THC levels and a 65%/35% mix of sativa/indica. It has a strong cerebral high, with a lot of state of mind support. It’s good for treating tension and depression, as well as ADHD, PTSD, and headaches. Green Crack tastes sweet and has tropical and citrus notes.

THC 15 /100
CBG 0.9 /100
Indica 35 /100
Sativa 65 /100

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